Five 1911 Interiors

To offset the idea that all c 1911 interiors were full of square, brown, Stickley furniture and green art pottery, here are five illustrations from the period that show a range of attractive interiors.

This Dining Room was painted in the following colours:
Ceiling:Flat-tone Ivory
Upper walls: Flat-tone Pearl Grey (Pale Azure could be substituted)
Lower walls: Flat-tone Delft blue
Trim and Furniture: Stained silver Grey

Bedroom Colors
Ceiling and Drop: Flat-tone Cream
Walls: Flat-tone Old Gold
Woodwork: Pure white Enamel
Floor: Natural woodwork, varnished
Furniture: Stained mahogany
Carpet: Bordered green carpet

This 1911 bedroom was painted in these colors:
Ceiling: White flat paint
Walls: Flat-tone Shell pink
Trim: White enamel
Carpet and window seat: mid green
Bed: Brass

This 1911 Dining Room has been painted in these colors:
Ceiling: Flat-tone Cream
Walls: Glazed in a pale salmon
Woodwork and furniture: Stained mahogany
Carpet and curtains: Soft moss green

As an example of an ostentatious ‘catalogue’ bedroom of 1911. this room was decorated in the following colours:
Ceiling: flat Cream with wallpaper appliqués in corners and center
Cornice: flat white
Wallpaper: Pale blue and white alternating stripes garlanded with pink roses with green leaves
Curtains: Delft Blue
Carpet: Moss green with diamond pattern
Furniture and baseboards: Grained oak
Bed and chandelier: Brass

Not all of these rooms would be in the same house! They represent different tastes and incomes, and have been chosen to show some of the wide range of interiors that were popular in the early twentieth century.